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The strength of art, design
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The strength of art, design and music

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_blank has expertise in
creating successful online

I collaborated with companies large and small to help them engage their audiences and build online identity awareness. Through this I have developed knowledge of web design and digital marketing from over 100+ projects.

To accomplish a strong online user experience and presence for you, I implement a web development process consisting of:

•  Aligned interviewing       &         Project research

•  Identity analysis              &        Branding goals

  Aligned interviewing

  Project research

  Identity analysis

  Branding goals

I execute anything that is related to the online campaign. From photography, illustrations, animations, designing print to other offline materials.


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Amsterdamse Huurkoepels

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A memorable logo is your beacon


_blank assists customers in defining the essence and the character of the company or organization. Subsequently, creating the logo as the fundamental element of the visual identity, allowing it to evolve into a brand.

The design philosophy is that the strenght of a logo lies in its simplicity. A logo distills complex ideas into a single, elegant design. Like a masterful poem, it speaks volumes with just a few carefully chosen elements.


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Hungry Mind

/ logo design

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Evolve in Music

/ logo design

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Loft der Zotheid

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& Sound Design


Keep Hope

/ Documentary

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Tikanna - Touch

/ Music

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Studio Plantaardig

/ Podcast

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The mythology of
modern love

/ Art project

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Earthly Resonances & Electronic Modulations

Two frequency currents combined into one music narrative, creating a movie of sound. This music, produced under the artist name Tikanna, is used within websites, films, documentaries, art-installations and podcasts.

QuSoft’s mission is to develop new protocols, algorithms and applications that can be run on small to full-scale prototypes of a quantum computer.

They work on radically new software and technology with world-changing potential. Based on the fundamental laws of quantum physics, QuSoft aims to keep up their excellent track record in quantum computing and quantum information, to explore and develop uses of quantum computers and other quantum technologies at large, for the benefit of society.

Quantum technology is labelled by the Dutch government as a key technology because it is considered a potential game-changer in many social and economic sectors, including health, agriculture, climate, and safety.

After the development of the old QuSoft website, I was tasked with creating a new website. QuSoft had grown significantly, gaining even more international interest, and this called for a professional overhaul. They wished to attract more new researchers and PhD students.

In several interview sessions that were held, it became clear that the research lines of QuSoft were particularly crucial and needed attention. These five research lines essentially form the core of the quantum research organization.

Visiting the new website visitors see a neutral homepage where they can find general QuSoft information. From there visitors were immediately enticed to explore the important research lines to discover relevant information or PhD research opportunities. Each research line was assigned a dedicated leader who provided a written vision along with a contemporary mathematical perspective, characterized by a robust visual identity. All fitting seamlessly within the QuSoft corporate style.


logo design

HolyChick is a coaching website that provides a clear view of the customer dreams, fears, desires, and potential. HolyChick invites the client to a confronting experience that takes the client back to the essence of existence. A pure perspective on the way to a life in which the client can be the most original version of the self; moving beyond the nonsense of the client’s own learned beliefs. On the website you will discover three ways to embark this journey together with Rienske, a moment entirely dedicated to the client.

I got complete freedom from Rienske to create a website, a logo and flyers that suits her character. After several conversations, it became clear that the designs had to be sensitive, attractive, powerful, but also direct. Rienske is someone who, as a strong and sensitive person, stands fully for herself. (And she’s literally 6 feet 4 inches tall.)

This resulted in a HolyChick logo with Rienske’s head and a custom font, and a website that guides visitors through the three coaching options with beautiful and powerful visuals. It leads them to what resonates with them. In addition, HolyChick makes it clear: ‘True wealth is already within everyone.’ 


logo design

The FEMU Foundation (Federation Music Authors and Publishers) was established in 2016 to carry out the secondary exploitation of the Graphical Reproduction Right in the Netherlands.

This is done on behalf of music publishers which are a member of the NMUV (Dutch Music Publishers Association) and the VMN (Association of Music Traders and Publishers in the Netherlands) and have given a mandate to the FEMU.

FEMU offers licenses for all users of copies (physical and/or digital) of sheet music and lyrics. By entering into a license, the user pays royalties for the copyright. These royalties are then distributed by FEMU among the rights holders affiliated with the organization.

After the project research it became clear that an association had to be established with the music branch and the user. Because FEMU is a small organization and direct contact is important, their tone of voice is; justified yet friendly, fair, transparent, relieving, and efficient.

These keywords were used for both the logo and website development. This resulted in a functional website design where information is user-friendly, quick, and easy to find. The website visitor with his/her question is guided to their answer and then directed to the license application or relevant information. Always having the option to contact FEMU directly for questions.


logo design

The Federatie Amsterdamse Huurderskoepels (FAH) protects residents of social housing and prospective tenants. This is important because housing corporations primarily focus on management, the municipality is a stronghold of bureaucracy, and politics often prioritizes its own interests. A rental property is more than just real estate and public housing. A rental property is a home where joy and sorrow are shared.

FAH advocates for the well-being of families, individuals, and neighbors living in the everyday reality of real estate and public housing. As a champion of tenant interests, FAH influences policymakers from housing corporations, the municipality, and the political sphere.

After completing the development of the previous FAH website, I was assigned the responsibility of designing a new FAH website. The objective was to attract a greater number of returning visitors to the website by incorporating more pertinent news topics that center around the current happenings in the Amsterdam rental sector.

The old website lacked some essential elements that needed to be added. Furthermore, the website didn’t need a corporate appearance but rather a more friendly approach. It should feel like entering a cozy living room where visitors can quickly find all relevant / practical information, news facts, various rental themes etc. Everything organised and clearly positioned.

The new FAH website is optimised for current browsers, mobile and tablet responsive, and easy to use and navigate for the people at FAH.

Client :

Quantum .Amsterdam

Services :

• Logo design and online branding
• Corporate identity style guide
• Website design and development
• Social media identity designs
• Illustrations

RGB-logo Quantum.Amsterdam

In 2020, Quantum.Amsterdam has established itself as a new major innovation hub for the quantum software, technology and applications.

The main purpose of the hub is to boost the innovation and economic development of quantum technology by building a strong quantum ecosystem and organizing intense collaborations in key areas between leading knowledge partners, technology companies, and an industry network that has a strong interest in exploring and developing new business applications.

The concept of the logo : Quantum.Amsterdam as the Future Map to innovative Quantum software and applications. The Map vignette with the QA icon, unfolds itself within mathematical quantum science, business collaborations, knowledge sharing and education in the now and in the coming future. Leading to the new roadmap of Quantum technologies.


Hungry Mind is more than just a content agency. We specialize in building brands through strategic communication concepts and stories that inspire, touch, or move people. This is what we do for our clients. Success in this endeavor requires a hunger to understand the underlying questions, to see through the world of clients, and to grasp the big picture. Achieving this level of insight is only possible with a Hungry Mind.

Hungry Mind is a continuation and deepening of Jaap Backx Tekst & Uitleg – Entrepreneur in stories and ideas. Since 2007, as a freelancer, I have been assisting businesses and other organizations in getting to the heart of the matter. I translate strategic ambitions into words that inspire, touch, or compel. My promise: I write what you mean.

The concept of the logo :  Dealing with an organization that produces written text and concepts, I approached the design from the perspective of words to convey the essence of Hungry and Mind in the typography itself. Instead of adding an extra emblem to visually complement the word, I aimed for contemplation, empathizing of the assignment and the transformation of knowledge into wisdom (Mind). And the desire to understand, analyze, and explore (Hungry).

The result is a strong and contemporary typographic design that shows the outcome of Hungry Mind written words, concepts, and strategies as one. 

Client :

Evolve in Music

Services :

• Logo design and online branding
• Website design and development
• Social media designs
• Flyers and posters
• Illustrations


Evolve in Music Masterclasses was an innovative and unique mixing and mastering event. This one-day masterclass was designed for producers, engineers, mixers, DJs, and artists who understood that everything is changing and nothing remains the same in the music industry. Led by the world’s best mix engineers, attendees were introduced to new mixing techniques and the current developments in the audio engineering and music production discourse. Following the event, a music networking reception was held at a special location.

The concept of the logo : Starting with a single line that gradually evolves and expands into multiple lines, a transformation occurs, giving rise to the creation of letters. These letters, as they continue to evolve, ultimately come together to form the words Evolve in Music. The colors symbolize the start, end, and renewal. Representing a perpetual feedback loop that mirrors the journey of learning and personal growth within the domain of the music industry.

By embracing this minimalist concept, I’ve effectively conveyed the essence of the masterclass event, shaping a new typography into a logo.

Client :

Loft der Zotheid

Logo design
Menu card and illustrations
Business cards

Services :

Loft der Zotheid was not a cafe nor a restaurant but both in a way. A cross mix of styles: appetizers, variety of Beers, wines and soda’s, reading, life-music, presentations in a hideaway side-street in old town Hoorn. Guests can become the cooks, or music-performers. Terrace in the backyard. A mix of people working and visiting, but all with fresh looks on life. Sadly it’s closed but we will remember the good times we had there.

As a logo designer, you create various proposals during the initial logo presentation. Often, the client’s choice aligns with that of the designer, but in this case, the client preferred another logo. I still think this logo is stronger so good to present it here.

The character and history of the building, as well as the creative mindset of the owners, were incorporated into the logo concept. It represents a Maker’s space where music, food, events, workshops, and creativity come together. An environment like this is what makes it truly unique, as reflected in the logo.


A good story inspires. It brings people together. It ensures that you stand out and differentiate yourself. It’s no wonder storytelling is so popular. To tell your brand story effectively, you need a powerful voice and the right words. WoordKracht helps brands develop their unique tone of voice. And we provide words that tell your story powerfully. Words that provoke thought. Words that touch, inform, or entertain. Words that move your customers in the right way. Your story, your voice. Our words. That’s WoordKracht.

The concept of the logo : Anyone can make something simple complicated. But making the complicated simple.

Craftsmanship is demonstrated throughout the writing process of WoordKracht visualized in a custom typography design. It places a strong emphasis on achieving a minimal, powerful design while carefully considering what should be included and what should be omitted. This is the approach my friend utilizes to create professional text that truly captures attention and beckons to be read.

Documentary :

Keep Hope

Creators :

Directors :  Marlon van der Pas & Lidewij Hartog
Featuring : Tamarah van Capelleveen
Director of Photography :  Lidewij Hartog
Music :  Marlon van der Pas
Production :  The Preacher, _blank

Keep Hope is a short film that investigates the story behind an appearance. Born from the moment when meeting a stranger called Tamarah. This interaction left us with the feeling that there was a deeper layer to her, which we were not really able to grasp. Attracted to this depth, we decided to create this film, that is solely based on curiosity and intuition.

We are deeply humbled by the strength of Tamarah, who was willing to speak openly about her past and showing us her skin. Both entwined to tell the same story. Growing up in a strong religious environment, her (sexual) identity and the quest of finding a place in this world close to herself.

Music :

Tikanna / Touch

Information :

Producer :  Marlon van der Pas

Graduation project for the SOUND EDUCATION NETHERLANDS. Diploma Pro audio engineer & Music Producer ( Cum Laude )

Assessment criteria :  Sound-design / Syntheses, Arrangement, Mixing, Master, Impact, Self-identity, Production vision.

From my experiences and developments in life, all cultural influences and their impacts have intrigued me to learn. Because everything from the past, whether it was 1000 years or 5 minutes ago, has influence on the present. It’s like an interactive movie in which my narrative and the narrative of others, constantly makes me look, listen and think in a different way.

With this observation and thought I create music that use the old earthly realms embroiled in the electronic age.

In short, I like to phrase it as…

Old cultures move in a river of re-experiences and undergo a constant evolution. Out of these evolution currents, new cultures form in which I find myself. It is what sets people apart in time.

Podcast :

Studio Plantaardig

Services :

• Technical audio setup and advice
• Mix and mastering podcast
• Sound-design
• Website design and development
• Logo design and online branding
• Offline print design

At Studio Plant-Based, it is evident that as a society, we can take one simple and immediate action to address a climate crisis. It costs nothing, is not difficult, and we can start today. Namely, shifting our menu from animal-based to plant-based. Less meat, fish, and dairy. Additionally, we’ll become healthier, and we can prevent a lot of animal suffering.

It is by now abundantly clear that this transition is necessary. But how are we going to make it? And what surprises does the menu of tomorrow hold for us? We will explore that in the Studio Plant-Based podcast.

Art & Music project :

The mythology of modern love

Information :

Art Rocks is a music competition that invites musicians from all genres to create a soundtrack inspired by an artwork from the collections of top Dutch museums. Musicians are provided with the opportunity to translate the associations and emotions evoked by an artwork into a soundtrack. For the audience, the competition offers a unique chance to experience artworks in a multisensory way through music.

Play Video about art-rocks-portfolio-the-mythology-of-modern-love-02

Mythologies tell us ancient stories that offer us wisdom. They narrate stories about being human, or, in other words, our ‘human nature.’ and show narratives that relate to are relations with others and nature. They address our limitations, struggles, love and passion that are still being projected in our nowadays broadcasted series. These are ancient stories that you can find echoed in, for example, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.

Peter Paul Rubens’ representation of Achilles in his painting touched me, and I was immediately drawn to it. Collaborating with Janneke Schaareman, we produced the soundtrack as a narrative that guides you into the painting. Love, jealousy, rituals, politics, power, and loss… The mythology of modern love.